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And the winners of the 1st Annual Virtual ComicCon Masquerade Are:

In 3rd place with her Pajama-Party Tamiyo, is MoxyMtg!

A simple costume with a strong, creative backdrop; an interesting and innovative interpretation of the character.

Our 2nd place award goes to BelleChere’s Captain Marvel!

This costume looks like she stepped straight off the comics panels and captures the strength and power of the character.

And the 1st place prize goes to Air Bubbles Cosplay's Chandra Pyromaster!

I was impressed by the variety of techniques and materials used and the attention to detail.


We want to thank all of our wonderful costumers. Each one was fabulous and it means so much that you would participate in this fun new event.

We’ll be contacting each of the winners to get them their prizes!

Magic represent!

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